HostMonster Dedicated Hosting

HostMonster dedicated hosting is now available. For webmasters that have used HostMonster for shared hosting, the fact that HostMonster is now offering dedicated server hosting

BlueHost Dedicated Hosting

BlueHost, one of the top web hosting companies in the industry, has recently added dedicated hosting to their web hosting service options.  BlueHost has been

Domain Transfer Policy

The domain transfer policy hasn’t changed a lot over the last few years but for those that are new to the domain name registration world we

Bulk Domain Registration

Bulk domain registration allows a webmaster to register several domains at one time. There are many reasons that one may want to register multiple domains

What is a Domain Auction?

Have you been searching for a domain name? Is the domain name you want taken? Have you considered using a domain auction? What is a

International Domain Names

What Are International or Internationalized Domain Names? Internationalized Domain Names, abbreviated IDN, are a 2003 development to the domain name systems. Prior to 2003, only