Domain Name Appraisals

Once upon a time, in the early stages of the Internet, some may have bought domain names and then resold them for big bucks. That

Selling a Domain Name

You may find yourself at one time or another needing to sell a domain name. You may have registered a group of names or a

Selling a Domain

One way of looking at buying a domain name (if you choose a domain name that is desirable to others) is to see it as

Domain Parking

Before we get into domain parking I just want to cover a little bit about the process up until you need parking. You will first

What are subdomains?

What are subdomains? Subdomains are just another way of cataloging website names. We know that domain names are just a disguise for IP (Internet Protocol)

History of Domains

When the Internet was first brought to life there was not a lot of order to it. Things were done quite haphazardly and no one

Why Register a Domain Name

What is a domain name? A domain name is the name that appears in your web browser that the world will see. There are several

Domain Name Registration

Domain name registration is the first step in having an online presence for yourself or your company. Your choice of domain name can be vital

What is a domain name?

What is a domain name? Domain names are actually Internet Protocol addresses or IP addresses. Instead of using the numbers that you may look like

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