In our review we found that they offer the best domain registration tools and options available. With a registrant can register any of the traditional top level domains, country specific domains, or the new top level domains (nTLD). Domain registration pricing is competitive and every domain comes with extra domain tools to help with domain management. Read our full review to learn more about one of the best domain registrars.

About Domain Registration

A domain provides an address for your website, it tells the web browser where to locate a particular site. Just like your home or office has a physical address that people use to locate you, your domain name allows people to locate your website. Just like someone trying to visit your office without your exact address would be very difficult, it is also difficult for someone to find your website if they don’t have your domain name. The domain extension .com is the most common and most recognized domain extension but finding a short, memorable name that ends with .com can be very difficult because there are already millions of those domain names registered. Just like you can’t have the same exact address at more than one location in a city, you can’t have more than one website at the exact same domain name.

You may think that isn’t the case because if you’ve ever used a free hosting company you may have had a free subdomain where you chose the first part of the domain but hundreds or thousands of other sites use the same “”, or similar, ending. Keep in mind that a subdomain is different than a domain. Any domain can have multiple subdomains but they are all part of the main domain name ( from the previous example). Other popular top level domains (like .com) that you are likely familiar with are .org, .biz, and .edu but these too are very popular and it can be hard to find a domain you want with one of these extensions. If you are located in a specific country you can choose a domain extension like .us, .ca, .aisa, .eu, .fr, etc. In addition to these two options, the country domain (cTLD) and general top level domains (TLD), ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has approved hundreds of new top level domains (nTLD). Some of the nTLD options include endings like .club, .attorney, .auction, .bingo, .fishing, and hundreds of other common words that will be useful for a specific industry or organization type.

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Domain Registration at

Now that we’ve covered a little about domain registration and why you need a domain, let’s take a look at the domain registration options at As a certified domain name registrar, supports the transfer of domains that are already registered or new domain registration. Customers can choose from any of the available domain endings when registering a domain name and if the exact domain you want is not available, will provide information about similar domains that are available for registration.

domain transfer transfer service adds on a year to any domain registration on the day the transfer is complete. To transfer a domain make sure it is valid and currently registered with the admin contact information up-to-date. The domain must be registered for at least 60 days and in an unlocked status before you can obtain an authorization code from; transfers are typically complete within 5 to 7 days.

Domain Registration Added Features

  • Free TransferLock – prevents unauthorized domain transfers
  • Free URL forwarding – redirect a domain name to another domain
  • Free email forwarding – create domain specific email addresses and have them forwarded to another email
  • Free DNS Management – web-based management of all your DNS records
  • NameSafe – protect your domains from domain hacking of any kind New Top Level Domains

If you are interested in a New top level domain, with a more unique ending, there are a few things to be aware of. While there are hundreds of domains already available, new domains will continue to be released periodically. If there is a particular domain you are interested in that is not yet available you can pre-register the domain with, this gives you a priority option for registering the domain once is released for general registration but it doesn’t guarantee you will get it. If there are numerous people pre-registered for one domain name there will be an auction held to determine who gets the domain. also offers a Priority Pre-registration that will put your request above others that are pre-registered. The domain search option on the website will let you see what is available now and what is available for pre-registration. Any trademarked name will not be available for general use unless the trademark holder opens it up for public registration.

Other Registration Services

  • Domain Privacy – this option keeps your personal contact information used to register a domain from being published in the publicly available WHOIS database. There are a number of reasons you may want to consider Domain Privacy, including:
    • Preventing domain related spam
    • Prevent the selling of your personal information
    • Stop junk mail and sales calls
    • Help prevent identity fraud
    • Stop hackers or stalkers from gaining your personal information
    • Maintain ownership and full control of your domain name
  • Premium domain registration – premium domains are domain names that have previously been in use and have gained some regular traffic and search engine ranking. They are shorter domains with popular keywords that will give you business a major boost in online markets right from the beginning.
  • Bulk domain registration – bulk domain registration makes it easy to register multiple domains at one time. Register the same domain with different endings, alternate spellings of your domain, or register separate, completely unique domains. The options are endless.

If you are looking for the best domain registration options, seems to have it all. They also offer cheap web hosting plans, email hosting, and custom website design. Visit to learn more about these additional services and get started on your website right away.

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