Dotster Review

In our Dotster review we will be paying particular attention to the Dotster domain registration options and features. Registering a domain name for your website is the first step in building a successful website. Your domain is your unique web address, no other site on the web will have the exact same domain name as your website. With the new top level domains approved by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) it is easier than ever to register a domain that fits you website exactly. Whether you are creating a personal or family webpage or a website for your business or organization, Dotster provides cheap domain registration and web hosting services with the tools and features you will need to succeed.

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Dotster offers the best domain registration services, along with web hosting, web design, email, and other business solutions for building a successful online business. In this Dotster review we will be focusing on the domain registration services but it is good to know that the other web hosting and design services are available. Having all of your services with one provider is very nice and makes it easier to work on your website from start to finish if everything is with one company. 

Dotster Domain Registration

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Dotster is one of the largest domain registrars in the world but they work hard to make sure that every individual customer is taken care of and has all their website needs met. Customer support is available 24/7 so you never have to worry about being stuck without anyone around to help you. With more than a decade of experience behind them, Dotster is very aware of the industry needs and keeps up with the latest and best technology to make sure that every customer has the best possible products and services. Dotster has many domain registration options including:

  • International Domains
  • Volume Discounts
  • Bulk Registering
  • Domain Name Transfer
  • Free Ownership Transfers
  • Transfer Lock
  • Premium Domains
  • Private Registration
  • Reseller Opportunities

Choosing your domain name is the hardest part of registering a domain name. With Dotster you can search a specific domain name to see if it is available or search a couple of keywords to get domain name suggestions and pricing. Shorter, simple domains are better simply because they are easier to market and have less room for error when someone is typing the domain name into the search bar. Using keywords that are relevant to the industry or business type can also help with search engine optimization (SEO) to get your site listed at the top of search engine results. New top level domains also help with this because you aren’t limited to the traditional extensions of .com, .org, .biz, etc. New extensions like .dance, .restaurant, .me and hundreds of others will help you pick the perfect custom domain name for your website.

Dotster Domain Registration Tools

Every domain registered with Dotster automatically gets additional services for free:

  • Email forwarding – create unique email addresses and have them all automatically forward to another email. This makes it easier to manage multiple domains or multiple email addresses within a single domain from one central email account.
  • URL forwarding – Dotster provides both masked and unmasked domain forwarding. Domain forwarding lets you redirect one domain to another, automatically.
  • NameSafe – the NameSafe service is designed to keep your domain name safe. Domain ownership cannot be changed without email authorization from the account owner.
  • DNS management –  you will have the ability to manage your Domain Name System settings and service using the Dotster’s nameservers.

Transfer Domain Names to Dotster

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Transferring a domain to Dotster is easy and cheap. For just $8.29 you can transfer a registered .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, or .us domain name to Dotster. At the time of transfer the domain will have a full year added to the current domain registration term. The following are some general rules to keep in mind when considering a domain name transfer to Dotster:

  • Don’t include the “http://www” in the domain name
  • Domains must be currently registered
  • Domain name must be a valid domain
  • Domain must be registered for a min of 60 days before a transfer
  • Don’t start a transfer within two weeks of your scheduled domain renewal

To transfer a domain you will need to contact your current registrar to get an authorization code for the transfer. After requesting the transfer to Dotster they will contact you to obtain the authorization code. An email will be sent to the domain administrator listed in WHOIS, follow the instructions in the email. You can expect the transfer to be completed in 5-7 days.

Dotster Domain Privacy

When a domain is registered it is required that a name, email address, phone number, and physical address are put on file in the publicly searchable WHOIS database. Because this information is available to anyone that searches for your domain name, you may choose Domain Privacy to prevent the publication of your personal information. For just $8.99 per year Dotster will provide you with a private domain registration; instead of your information being listed in the WHOIS database Dotster information will be listed. You still maintain complete control and ownership of your domain name and if someone tries to contact you in regards to your domain Dotster will forward that information on to you, without revealing any of your private information to the party trying to contact you.

Dotster Support

Dotster is committed to providing an exceptional experience for each of their customers. If you have any questions about Dotster domain registration you can contact their sales team on their toll-free 800 number or you can use the live chat on the site to ask questions and get more information about the Dotster services. Choosing the best domain registrar for your needs will give you a solid foundation to build your website on. Visit the Dotster website to learn more about their products and services to determine if they can meet your current domain and web hosting needs.

Dotster Domain Registration