Selling a Domain

One way of looking at buying a domain name (if you choose a domain name that is desirable to others) is to see it as an investment. Not only do you want a good domain name for your site because this is your online home but you may want to sell it down the road and you want people to want what you have or you will never sell.

Domain Name Appraisal: This is a good step to take to find out exactly what your domain name is worth. Before asking someone to appraise your site you need to take stock of what you have. Is the domain usable to anyone, it is likable or catchy, is it a TLD (Top Level Domain), is it memorable? These are all factors you need to assess yourself. If you can’t feel good about all of these questions then save your time, money and energy and just keep it or let it expire.

Once you have assessed your domain name and have decided that it is marketable and other things, you will need to find an appraiser. There are some good appraisers out there for domain name purposes. You may pay up to $50 but there are many appraisers that don’t charge that much. You may want to visit, it is a great place to start this process.

Be sure you check the information on WhoIs and be sure it right. If not, contact them and get the information right before you try to go sell.

There are companies that want to sell your name for you. The services are handy but beware of what they mail say. will let you put a for sale sign on your domain name for FREE!!!