Bulk Domain Registration

Bulk domain registration allows a webmaster to register several domains at one time. There are many reasons that one may want to register multiple domains and some of the best domain registrars even offer discount pricing for bulk domain registration. In this article we will take a look at what bulk domain registration is, why one may want to use bulk domain registration, and some of the best places to purchase bulk domains. To get started with bulk domain registration now, visit GoDaddy.

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What is Bulk Domain Registration?

Bulk domain registration is simply purchasing several domain names at one time. A domain name is essential for creating a website, it is the address individuals will need to access your website. There are separate parts of a domain name including the extension, or top level domains, like .com, .org, .net, etc. The price of a domain name is generally determined by the top level domain you want, .com, .co, .net for example are more expensive than a .info or .biz domain name. The second part of the domain is what comes before the top level domain. Typically you will want this to be very specific to what the website is about, make it as short as possible and easy to spell and remember. Many domain registrars will offer discounted pricing for those registering several domains at one time. Some places offer additional bulk domain services like bulk domain transfers, renewing bulk domain registrations, and more. Check with the domain registrar about ID protection as many will offer this service free or at a reduced rate for those purchasing domain names in bulk.

Why use Bulk Domain Registration Service?

There are a number of reasons that one might want to purchase domain names in bulk. For many people revenue online comes from ads and affiliate programs rather than actually selling one’s own products or services. In such cases the business owner will create many sites that relate to several different topics, products, or services. Purchasing multiple domains at a time allows them to register the domains cheaper. Sometimes an individual will want to purchase several domains that are similar to the main domain he/she will be using to sell a product or service. For example if you are selling widgets your main domain may be widgets.com but you may also wish to register widget.com, bestwidgets.com, allwidgets.com or a number of other variations. You may not choose to develop every domain as a full website, but instead redirect the secondary URLs to go to your main domain. This prevents competitors from developing a website offering the same products and making it harder for your website to draw traffic. Others may choose to register bulk domains and develop websites for numerous topics and then sale the site as a completed website already established and ranked in search engines.

Where do I purchase Bulk Domains?

Any domain registrar will allow a user to register multiple domains but some make it much easier than others by offering bulk domain registration tools allowing a user to search up to 500 domains at a time. Each domain will be searched to find out if it is available and if the domain name is not available other alternatives will be offered. Deciding where to register your bulk domains will depend on individual needs. Some registrars are very well known, like GoDaddy, and offer many additional services like web hosting, SSL, website builders, and much more. GoDaddy also offers domain auctions for domains that are already registered but the owner is interested in selling. Many of the best web hosting companies also offer domain registration with their web hosting accounts. Some of them only allow one domain per account while others allow unlimited domains. Check out BlueHost or GoDaddy or visit our site for more domain registrar reviews and domain name registration info to help you find the best bulk domain name registration for your needs. Use our GoDaddy links and save 10% on your entire order.

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