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The Pros and Cons of Private Registration

The standard for the WHOIS database is public registration. Why would anyone want a private domain name registration?Understanding the pros and cons of private registration can help you determine whether public or private domain registration is for you.

What is Whois?

What is Whois? If you are thinking of registering a domain name you should know about Whois and the pros and cons of using Whois. This article has information on the history of Whois, what you can learn from a Whois listing, and how Whois private listing work.

Best Domain Registrars

Best domain registrars? After seven years registering domain names and building web sites, we have tested countless domain registrars. Take our word for it, the following registrars are the best of the best. We’ve reviewed the best and cheapest domain registrars.

Why Register a Domain Name?

Why register a domain name? Registering a domain name allows you to create and maintain your own web space. With a registered domain name you can build a website, make money online, protect a trademark, have personalized email, or resell your domain.

Parts of a Domain Name

A domain name is an entity in itself, but there are specific things that make up that domain name. This article will help you understand parts of a domain name and what they mean. Keep reading for more information on parts of a domain name, or URL.

Registration Terms Glossary

Confused by the registration lingo? This domain registration terms glossary helps define some of the basic key terms of domain registration such as top level domain (TLD), bandwidth, and CGI. Learn the definitions of commonly used domain registration terms and phrases.

What is Domain Parking?

What is domain parking? When you park a domain name you are not actively using it. Keep reading to learn reasons you may want to park a domain, how parked domains can help you make money online, and tips on using keywords for your domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

What is in a domain name? It is important when choosing a domain name to understand what your domain name is comprised of, and how it can affect your internet presence. Keep reading to discover more about domain names and where to get a domain name.