How to Find Available Domain Names

Are you looking for a domain name? Not sure where to find an available domain name? This article not only explains what available domain names are but also offers information on how to find available domain names. Keep reading for tips on finding just the right domain name.

What Are Available Domain Names?

Available domain names are new (never been used) domain names that have never been registered, as well as domain names that have been registered, but are again available for registration through one or another source. The latter are referred to as aftermarket domain names.

Where Do You Find Available Domain Names?

If you are seeking an unregistered domain name, using the WHOIS database is the way to go. The WHOIS database lists every registered domain name anywhere in the world, and can be searched through a tool available on any web hosting site. The tool generally has three parts.

  • To the far left is the domain name you are considering, the part that comes before the dot. So, for example, mynewwebsite
  • In the middle is a drop-down menu or other mechanism that allows you to select the top-level domain (TLD) also called the extension. This list will inlcude all the TLDs that the particular webhost is able to register.  For example, GoDaddy’s list, .co, .info, .net, .org, .me, .mobi, .us, .biz, .ca, .mx, .tv, .ws, .ag,,,, .am, .asia, .at, .be,,, .bz,,, .cc, .cn,,,,,,, .de, .es,,, .eu, .fm, .fr, .gs, .in,,,,,,, .it, .jobs, .jp, .ms,, .name, .nl, nu,,,, .se, .tc, .tk, .tw,,,,,,, .vg, .sc,,,
  • To the far right is the search button, which you click after having made your other selections.

If you complete a search for a website that is available, a notice that the site is available will appear. I received this notice upon searching for—a domain name with limited practical use. The search also offered other options using pxgsz with alternative TLDS, like .co and .info and .net.

If you complete a search for a website that is already registered, like, the registration will appear (you may have to type an access code to prove that you are not a spammer). When the registration already exists, the tool will provide you with recommendations for the same domain name with alternative extensions and suggestions for similar domains that are available. In this case, I was offered:

  • and

among others.

If you are interested in aftermarket domain names, go to a reliable aftermarket domain site, for example, Go Daddy Auctions or

Domain Name Choice Tips

If you have a brand name or registered trademark, it’s likely that you’ll want to use it in your domain name. Fortunately or unfortunately, the domain name registration market is a first-come-first-served market, and if someone somewhere else uses the same name or some prospector registered the name in order to try to sell it at a profit, your first choice may not be available.  You can prepare yourself for this a bit by considering what you’re willing to do to get one particular name and/or by brainstorming alternative choices that might suit your aims prior to searching more if your first choice doesn’t pan out. Or, perhaps one of the alternatives offered by the WHOIS tool will prove to be useful.

If nothing else will do but the name you’re set on, you can use the WHOIS tool to find out who has the domain registered and make him, her, or it an offer they can’t refuse . . .