Phishing for Identity Protection

Phishing Defined
Phishers are professional identity thiefs using fraudulent email to steal users login, passwords, account numbers and personal information. Phishers imitate large financial organizations or other web services with look alike logos and websites. Phishers send out email imitating correspondence from financial agencies like online banking requesting users to “update logins” or enter in account information. (Note: Real financial agencies will not require users to submit personal information via unsecure email.)

The name “phishing” is derived from “fishing” as the fraudulent phishers will send out massive loads of emails hoping to catch just a few deceived users in their snare, much like a real fisherman casts bait and waits for one fish in a school to be ensnared.

Identity Protection from Phishers
More and more online security agaencies are taking a stand against this malpractice. GoDaddy is one of the leading registrars and web hosts to take a stand against phishing to protect their customers by preventing trickster emails from reaching users.

GoDaddy has filters in place that block phishing emails before they ever arrive in users inbox to prevent users from being duped by phishing cons. Other web hosts and email providers are following suit and helping to reduce the amount of successful phishing scams.

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