Domain Name for Sale

Make sure you read our article about how to get a domain name appraisal. It’s very important that you set the right asking price on your domain name before you go and post it on tons of aftermarket services. These sites are viewed heavily by experienced domainers. So when a new domain name comes up for sale through the service – there is usually a lot of traffic in the first few days of you putting it up for sale.

Setting the right asking price is the single most important thing you need to do. If you go in asking the world without doing your homework¬† – nobody will pay attention to your offering.¬† It’s just like selling a home – there are people out there looking for what you have right now, but what gets them in the door is the price.

Once you have an idea of value (which is usually based on length, extension, keywords, type in traffic, etc) – then you are ready to put on domain name aftermarket services like or These are two of the largest resources you can find. The other alternative is to find out who is buying domains by reading on forums – you could try going direct to a domaining expert. This will probably not be the best price, but can result in the quickest sale.

Some sites like Godaddy actually have a domain name for sale page – this is good, but you can’t rely on this to bring you a buyer – this would require that the person who wants it – typed in the domain and has to contact you direct. Using this combined with a service will result in much higher success rate. Through the godaddy method you can actually use the CashParking service if you have a great domain – this will earn you some money in the process.

Good luck with the sale of your domain name!