Keyword Domain Names

Key words are the words that web surfers enter into search engines in order to locate relevant websites. Using key words in your domain name can promote search engine optimization by increase your ranking in the search engine database. In addition, keyword domain names are often easier to remember and receive more type-in traffic that allows for direct navigation to your site.

A domain name can be a very important factor for determining whether your website will succeed or fail. Getting people to visit your web page is more than half the battle. Keyword domains generally represent a specific product or service category. Examples of keyword domains include domain names such as “”, “”, and “”.

Some business owners opt to place hyphens between the key words in their domain name, because it is assumed that this makes it easier for search engines to identify each word. However, even when keywords run together, like in the example of, search engines seem to have no trouble locating them. Also, hyphening key words in domain names has advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, they may be easier for potential consumers to read. On the other hand, people may forget to type the hyphens when typing the URL directly and it can be difficult to communicate or advertise hyphenated domain names orally.

Registering a domain name with keywords may pose a challenge. Many of the best keyword domain names for each particular business type are already been utilized or have been purchased by a reseller. After market domain names can be bought for a price that has been marked up according to their value. Some domain resellers specialize in keyword domain names. However, domain names that include keywords often cost more because they are valuable for business owners who wish to attract more people to their site.

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