ICANN and Domain Registrars

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ICANN accredits organizations and commercial entities for the purpose of registering domain names. One who purchases a domain name cannot directly register their site. Therefore, a designated registrar must be chosen. Domain registration ensures that domain names are legally owned and protected. When you purchase a domain name, it should be automatically registered by an accredited registrar. ICANN oversees registrations and operates to help computers know where to find each other, so that websites can be accessed efficiently.

When you type a web address into your computer, the system does not recognize the information. ICANN coordinates web addresses with their unique IP numbers that the computer does understand. ICANN initially assigns domain names with IP addresses, managing the domain name system. Their primary purpose is to maintain the operational stability and integrity of the internet.

In order to register a domain name with one of ICANN’s accredited organizations, you must provide pertinent information at the time of purchase. The key pieces of information that registrars must link to your domain name include contact information for those responsible for administrative, technical, and billing information. Plus, two or more name servers are used as part of the registration process.

Domain registrars must pay fees to ICANN for their registration rights. These fees are generally passed onto the consumers in the total cost of the domain name purchase. However, the fees that are assessed are trivial when you consider the important role of ICANN in the operation of internet services. ICANN is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to keeping the internet safe and interoperable.